Trioplast got the MORE label

Trioplast promotes innovation linked to the circular economy approach by integrating recycled material in its production. Trioplast has been committed for several years by reducing its carbon foot print impact by reducing the consumption of virgin plastics.

What is the MORE label?

MORE is the tool measuring the quantities of recycled raw materials incorporated into products, by resin and market, this is made each year by plastics companies.

It was set up by EuPC (European Plastics Converters) in collaboration with its member organizations, including the Federation of Plastics and Composites, in order to allow companies to enhance their actions in favor of the circular economy. Each manufacturer who completed the survey can request this label.

The aim of MORE label:

The MORE label aim is to certify that the company has completed the MORE survey in totality. Trioplast has, thus reported volumes of recycled polymers used in its production annually.

MORE is helping the plastics industry become circular by collecting the volume of recycled polymers used by plastic processors to create new products and stimulating greater adoption of recycled polymers.

By using recycled polymers in its production process, the company has thus contributed to reducing its carbon impact: reduction in the consumption of virgin plastic material (fossil fuels) and each time a ton of recycled plastics replaces a ton of material from petroleum, this corresponds to 3 tons of carbon savings (SRP source).

This action does not confer particular characteristics to a targeted product.

There is no certification procedure, no passing exam, no prior checking. It is an information device.

Opting for this label means supporting the plastics industry in a concrete way towards more sustainable production practices.